North Pasadena Wholesaling Co. is now live at GRAB MART!

Providing essential needs during this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic is tough, especially if most of the logistic services online are not available. Good thing that GrabMart came to the rescue!

We, in North Pasadena Wholesaling Co., are very happy to launch our rice products at GrabMart. As our objective which is to bring rice closer to the consumers, partnering with GrabMart help us fulfilling our mission.
GrabMart which is an on-demand grocery service really helps us cater to clients who prefer having their rice delivered right away. It also helps us add more payment options for our clients such as cashless payments. North Pasadena Wholesaling Co. believes that we can reach a new customer base because of Grab Mart!



Customers may now buy our Authentic and Premium Thai Jasmine and White Rice just by checking our store at the Grab app just search for North Pasadena Wholesaling Co.

Log in the Grab app, then click Mart

and just type in North Pasadena Wholesaling Co. and you’ll find us there.

It’s easy to order similar to how you order from Grab Food!

Time to Rice!


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