Do we sell imported products?

Premium Thai Jasmine Rice

  1. the world’s finest rice
  2. highest quality grain

Thai Hom Mali rice

  1. higher quality with longer grains than Thai Jasmine rice

Frangipani rice

  1. 100% Long Grain White Rice
  2. best for fried rice recipes
  3. mouthwatering quality when served with soup, sauces or curry dishes
  4. consume immediately to prevent it from hardening

Vietnam Jasmine

  1. available upon request

Do we sell local (Philippines) products?

Sunflower Sinandomeng

  1. long grain white rice
  2. soft, slightly chewy and tasty when cooked

White Rose Premium Sinandomeng

  1. well milled long grain white rice
  2. higher quality than our Sunflower Sinandomeng

Mustang Whole Grain

  1. well milled long grain white rice
  2. fairly soft when cooked

What are the different certifications of our products?

  1. Certificate of Analysis
  2. Non-GMO
  3. Non-Heavy Metal
  4. Thailand Government Certification Mark
  5. FDA Approved
  6. FDA-LTO Certificate

I will be ordering in bulk or large quantities. How and who should I contact?

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

  1. 100kg
  2. at least 4 sacks of rice

Kindly email us at and mobile numbers +639773322308 or +639175251986.

You may also submit a form here.

For business needs or partnerships to supplement and enhance yours, who should I call or contact?

Kindly email us at and mobile numbers +639773322308 or +639175251986. You may also submit a form.

When I order through the website, how long does it take to be delivered?

Our local courier partners will fulfill your orders.

  1. Metro Manila areas – 1 to 3 days
  2. Greater Metro Manila (Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, Bulacan) – 3 to 5 days
  3. Provincial areas – 7 to 14 days

What payment options do we accept?

Online Website Checkout

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit Card via PayMongo
  3. GCASH via PayMongo

Manual and Personalized Transactions

  1. GCASH or QR Code
  2. WeChat Pay or QR Code
  3. bank account transfers

Kindly email us at and mobile numbers +639773322308 or +639175251986.

Returns and Refunds

We normally do not accept returns and refunds unless proven that the product was bad or contaminated upon delivery and opening of rice sack. We cannot accept the damages or concerns found after consuming or using the product.

Since all of our imported rice are of premium quality, tasteful and fragrant, it is advisable to place our rice in a separate enclosed container or buy our resealable Zip-locked Polypropylene pp woven fabric 5 Kilogram rice sack and save the packaging material for future use.

If product is found to be defective upon delivery and opening of rice sack, kindly email us at or contact us thru mobile +639773322308 for immediate dispatch for returns.